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Monday, December 01, 2003

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Well then, Turkey Day has passed quietly. Its been a very depressing day overall due to the complete lack of interest in the holiday spirit by the BSU. I'm not going into any great detail but its enough to say that there has been no appearance of traditional Thanksgiving celebration in my house today. And that is depressing.

I was SO pleased to see the news release about President Bush's trip to Iraq. That was a brave and and honorable thing for him to do. And ballsy too. He did the RIGHT thing by going there and sharing lunch with those soldiers, talking to them and being a part of their holiday. I guarantee that each of those soldiers will never forget their Thanksgiving in Bagdhad and meeting their Commander in Chief.

So, Ammo Week is over and I hope you bought yourself or someone you love a couple boxes of ammo. I know I did. I bought a box of Winchester ammo for my P3AT and a bulk box of 22LR for the other two guns. Sorry I don't remember which brand it is but its the shiny gold colored stuff from Wal-Mart that the Ruger likes. Five hundred round to the box so I met my minimum requirement for Ammo Week. I've taken down the picture and link until next year.

I've added a new link tonight also. Its called IRAQ NOW... A Soldier Looks Right Back at the Media. There's good stuff to read about day to day operations in Iraq.
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Bush pays surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq - Nov. 27, 2003
Thank you Mr. President.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Almost closing time at the job front with an announced early closing gift. After that its some errands; scripts from the pharmacy, cash from the ATM, gasoline in the truck and a stop at the liquor store for my traditional winter bottle of Crown Royal. I'll have to have more beer and I ususally keep a bottle of irish cream for my weekend coffee in the house too so I might as well get it all while I'm there.

The holiday weekend looks like it will be a pretty quiet one at my house. Not traveling and no family to shine up for either. Kye & Sara are entertaining at their house, Noah's going over to Lil's for turkey dinner and the BSU and I will probably eat out somewhere. Marie Callendar's is a distinct possibility.

We do have a small turkey breast to cook up and most of all the other fixins including pumpkin and pecan pie ingredients, a couple different types of cranberry sauce, rolls to bake, all the good stuff. We might just make it up through the weekend instead of trying to get it all on the table at once for just the two of us. So we won't be hurting for food!

There is skiing to be done and Tracker parts to replace and maybe- maybe a little shopping with the BSU. We will NOT be out at 5:30 AM trying to get into Shopko, I can promise you that! There is a craft store in Salt Lake City that she enjoys and would like to visit so we may get down there.

So there could be fun stuff to write about as the weekend plays out. And tomorrow, I'm going to post a story about my favorite Thanksgiving ever.

But its closin time now!
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'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable2003 from

Here's another illustration of one dumbasses 'sensibility' being offended by a word pair that are industry standards! Not rascist, not sadomasochistic, just idustry standards for descriptions of how certain components work in relationship to one another. This is so aggravating that entire departments of a city's government could be dedicated to routing out possibly offensive words. Knock them all with cluebat if you ask me!

"We would request that each manufacturer, supplier and contractor review, identify and remove/change any identification or labeling of equipment components that could be interpreted as discriminatory or offensive in nature," Sandoval said in the memo, which was distributed last week and made available to Reuters.

The memo did not include any suggestions for alternative labels.

Dennis Tafoya, director of the affirmative action office, said in a separate memo that an "exhaustive search" had been undertaken to find all such labels and replace them with more "appropriate" ones. A form was sent to all departments to identify equipment carrying the labels "master" and "slave" or any other offensive terms.

What dumbass! I would love to see the city's ability to buy a simple computer dry up because the vendors didn't feel like stripping each cd drive to relabel the plug connectors on the back

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Hatch says he's 'shocked' at hacking of files By Christopher Smith, The Salt Lake Tribune

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who has made cracking down on the theft of digital files over computer networks one of his crusades, said Tuesday that he was "shocked" that a member of his own staff hacked into Senate Democrats' protected files on the computer network of the Senate Judiciary Committee he heads.

"I am mortified that this improper, unethical and simply unacceptable breach of confidential files may have occurred on my watch," Hatch said.

He's shocked!
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Governor Dean is set to visit to the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) and the repatriation of his brother to Hickam AFB, Hawaii.

The brother's remains were recovered in Laos by a JPAC recovery team this past month. JPAC's mission is to search, recover, and identify remains of US service members who were killed in previous wars.

During the Vietnam War, Dean's brother and an Australian friend treked into Laos as civilians -- and were captured by the Vietcong and killed.

JPAC was pressured to not only recover his brother's remains, but to bump Dean's recovery over numerous other MIA's who actually died fighting for their country, a well-placed military source tells the DRUDGE REPORT.

This damm well better not be correct! If he was there as a civilian he gets no military honors, and it disrespects all those who did die in uniform! And if it turns out Governor Dean had his hand in expediting the identification over others then he might as well go home and forget his presidential bid.
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Marlin model 60 Assault Rifle... from The Smallest Minority

or: Why I would never live in New Jersey- ever!

When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril. In short, we view the statute as a regulatory measure in the interests of the public safety, premised on the thesis that one would hardly be surprised to learn that possession of such a highly dangerous offensive weapon is proscribed absent the requisite license.
from the Superior Court decision.

Go read it all. And wonder what part of the 2nd Amendment the New Jersey powers just doesn't understand. Its dumbass! That's what it is, dumbass!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Aardvark mentioned a problem with eggs on his autos the other days and how that was an improvement over broken glass. Well he is right, egg cleanup would be an improvement. But I suggested an idea that I thought I would share with all of you. I've not implemented this yet, but I'm going to soon, just for security's sake.

First, you need to know that my bedroom is in the basement and I would never hear anything short of violent explosive destruction of one of my vehicles in the driveway. So- whatever vandalism might ever occur will go unnoticed and unpunished, UNLESS I install one of those wonderful X10 cameras, hooked to a motion sensor, a floodlight and an old vcr in my basement. I may not be able to catch the perpetrators in the act of causing me aggravation, but I will dang sure be able to hand over a video cassette to the friendly police officer after I discover the damage in the morning!

Its not expensive really and there's nothing but laziness standing in my way of getting my driveway wired for security. I just need to prioritize it I suppose. I also did not provide a link to the X10 camera page as no doubt it will pop-up while you're reading this all by itself.

I do have another idea for home security that I would love a little electronics help with if anybody's so inclined. I want to build a box with a digital sound chip inside with the sound of a pump shotgun being racked into action on the chip. The box would be installed directly over the facing door and triggered by a motion sensor floodlight a few yards down from the door. On the corner of the house maybe. The way it would work would be that when Bad Guy comes into the yard and approaches the house, first the floodlight comes on from the corner, lighting the yard but leaving the doorway in shadow. Then, 2 or 3 seconds after the light comes on, the sound of the of that clanky old 12 gauge pump shotgun having a shell jacked into the chamber rings out from the darkened doorway.

Now I read somewhere that the sound of a pump shotgun being brought into activity is one of the most universally recognized sounds in the entire world. Everyone knows what that sound is. And bad guys especially know that distinctive clatter. So I'm pretty certain that any bad guy heading towards a house with a floodlight suddenly brightening up his face would immediately consider the possibility of leaking profusely if he continued after hearing that sound.

If I can sell it for $99 at Home Depot I can make a million bucks!
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Kidnapped Citizen Shoots Oklahoma's Most Wanted- Saves Self and Spouse
Oklahoma's most dreaded man and one of America's Most Wanted fugitives is in the hands of the law after a gun smoked ending led to his apprehension by authorities in Angelina County, Texas.

Reports indicate that once in Texas, a physical confrontation ensued between Eizember and Dr. Samuel W. Peebles, the driver of the hijacked minivan. Dr. Peebles was able to fend off Eizember's attack by shooting him in the chest four times.

Eizember will now face first degree murder charges for the deaths of A.J. and Patsy Cantrell, an elderly couple, and the attempted murder of Tyler Montgomery, 16. He will also face charges that he brutally beat Montgomery's grandmother, Karla Wright.

Eizember may also face kidnapping charges, assault, and other charges stemming from the kidnapping of Dr. and Mrs. Peebles.

So it seems that Dr. Peebles, an armed citizen, kept his wits about him in spite of being kidnapped and held hostage for 7 hours or more and then defended himself and his wife against his armed, desperate assailant.

Well done Dr. Peebles!

On a side note, there is no mention of the good Dr's weapon's caliber or type and that begs the question of why 4 rounds to the chest were not immediately fatal to the recipient. Do we need to begin a collection to get the Doc a P3AT in 380 caliber?

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I'm famous in Japan! At least I think that's what this search from Google means...

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God, Man and Religion by Bill Llewllin with thanks to On the Third Hand

It is the function of the village priest to promote this harmony, and anything else should be carefully examined for evidence of self-aggrandizement.
Worth reading the entire thing.
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Monday, November 24, 2003
Participant at KKK initiation wounded after shots fired into sky

About 10 people, including two children, had gathered for the ceremony. The man who was being initiated was blindfolded, tied with a noose to a tree and shot with paintball guns as Freeman fired a pistol in the air to provide the sound of real gunfire, Sheriff Fred Phillips said.

A bullet struck Murr on the top of the head and exited at the bottom of his skull, authorities said
. Classic case of "wrong place at the wrong time."
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Somebody tried to rob me last week and I almost forgot to mention it. I was targeted for an scam to take money from my checking account. Not identity theft exactly but a scam to rob me just the same. And the scammers were pretty slick I must say, so I thought I would share it with all, (both) of you.

I took a phone call at work. A cheerful female person was trying to give me a new 'rebuild my credit' credit card. I told them no earlier in the week, this was the second time I got this call and I decided to play along to see where the call would go. Well, I had been approved for a credit card and the cheerful female person was ready to send it to me right away. No sign up fee, no credit check and no cash deposit. Just a fully qualified credit card from a bank I've never heard of.

All I had to do was verify some information to the cheerful female person and my shiny new plastic card would on its way to me for my immediate use. Name- yup. Address- got that right too. Home phone number- nooo, you have my work phone number. "Can I have your home number for our records?" I suppose. "Great, now I just need to get my supervisor to confirm your desire for this new credit card." OK.

Supervisor is now on the phone, "Mr. McCord we are all ready to send you your new charge card. No fees, no cash deposit, yada yada. All we need now is to verify that you have a valid checking account... Please read me the numbers on the bottom left corner of one of your checks or deposit ticket to verify your account status."

Me- smelling the rat right here, "I don't have a checkbook with me."

Supervisor- "Well you must have a statement from your bank there don't you?"

Me- more firmly this time, "No, I'm at work. I don't have that information here."

Supervisor- "Sorry to bother you. Good by." Click.

So this caller had almost all the info they needed to extract money from my checking account. They already knew enough information about me, except for the checking account number to gain access to my paltry funds. I didn't want the unasked for credit card so I was suspicious from the very beginning and my spidey sense was tingling because of it. And the bad guys went away empty handed. This time, from me at least. I have to wonder just how many folks do fall victim to this scam. I'm betting lots of folks would get sucked into this trap, especially with the holidays just days away. Wouldn't a new credit card be great to pay for Christmas? Sure it would. And people will get horribly ripped off because of pond scum suckers like the ones that called me.

So be careful out there and protect your information!
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In my email today at work. I've removed most of the items noted on the list and just posted my favorites. Total discrepancies- 37.
-----Original Message-----
From: Martin XXXX Capt OO-ALC/XXX
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 2:29 PM
Subject: Base Appearance Items


As requested, here is the list of items visible as we drove around base.

Cones in Transportation Sqdn parking lot (fenced area)
Orange cones/snow shovel in from of SMIC facility (bldg 1538)
Pallet on deck of 1205
Dead plants on deck of 1206
Pallet on end of 1207
Services marquee--only FPCON and welcome for Gen Martin
Chairs/wood/red butt cans on docks of Bldg 843
Cones at guard shack of Canberra gate
Trash visible in CE compound
Maxwell House can on northwest corner of Hangar 37
Orange cones on west end of 388th Phase Dock
Orange cones near entrance of base ops
Cones near bldg 119 (needed for safety?)
Cones on west side of bldg 238
Sweep sidewalk near chow hall
Weed whack the parking lot rocks near O-club
Butt Can outside e-club--hide
Move hose near bldg 460
Stray wooden stake near Post office construction (near construction- a stake! Oh no!)
Orange cone behind bldg 131 (garage)
Paint uprights on "AAFES Shopping Center" construction sign or remove sign (a temporary sign- with unpainted uprights! Agh!)
AAFES--stack pallets behind shoppette
Crate on west side of bldg 900--move/hide
Butt can/cones @ bldg 937 inside flightline
Southgate cop shack--put better looking cones out
Red butt can near union office
Red butt can at guard shack near fence for bldg 507
Orange cone outside gate/guard shack near C-130 paint facility gate
Red butt cans/coffee cans all along bldg 225
Bldg 220 red butt can

Note: People smoke. Outside. They by regulation must have a butt can to put ashes and butts into. Is it any surprise that these butt cans are visible on a drive-by Base Appearance inspection? Get a clue...

For those of you outside the military, does it surprise you that an AF officer earning ~$50K annually is sent out to write a report about butt cans, orange cones and unpainted construction sign posts? This is typical stuff when the general is your boss.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003
Ok then. Three guns cleaned and put away or back into the pocket, a new gatepost installed and the smel of Noah burning something for dinner upstairs. And I'm hungry so I really should go check it out. Soon.

A couple months ago I rebuilt my sagging, not closing properly, need-to-know-where-to-kick-it to open gate at the back corner of my house. I replaced the hinge side post and totally rebuilt the gate. But I didn't bother with the latchpost which was attached to the corner of the house. Well, of course that didn't last long as the new gate, closing with assistance of closer springs took its toll on the poorly attached latch post. Meaning my beautiful gate would not latch without assistance.

So yesterday I bought a new tool, (every new job should dictate a new tool, right?) a 1/2" hammer drill from Harbor Freight. I needed a new corded drill anyway and I expected to be drilling into the brick or concrete to attach my post. And I thought I might get away with reusing my original post but of course that was a lie and today I bought a new pressure treated 4X4 and some expandion bolts to fit the 3 original holes already there. But of course I started by purchasing 3/8" bolts which were too small for the holes and that meant another trip to Home Depot for 1/2" bolts.

Lots of cutting, drilling, more drilling and even more drilling finally got the holes in the post in the correct locations and depths to secure the post back to the house. And then the latch when back on and before dark, the job was finished. The gate closes and latches and everything is secure again. Good.

I can say that the new drill has much more guts than the 3/8" drill that it replaced. While I didn't require use of the hammer function, I did drill 1-1/4" holes through this fresh, damp pressure treated 4X4. And my spade bit is none too sharp. But that drill has some power and it drove that drill bit without complaint. So I'm a happy camper all around, a home improvement job finished without bleeding and a valueable new tool in the shop!
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Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts-The Opus interview
Heh, he's back! Today! And I don't get the paper any longer... That could change.

MSNBC: So you haven't spent all your time in the dandelion patch?

Opus: Those rumors about my dandelion addiction are nothing but media confabulation! I own my own meadow now, and I always find time to enjoy it, but I haven't snorted a dandelion since '88.

I think I loved Opus and his friends in Bloom County better than any cartoon ever and my expectations run high for the new Opus strip. Something about the innocence of that group hanging out in the meadow appealed to a guy that grew up in the midwest and loved it. I can't wait to catch the new strip.
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Its simple really, real life and a lousy interface between the network on the job and BlogStudio have prevented me from saying much of anything that matters lately. (As if anything I've written here matters.) Anyway, unless I ensconce myself in the palatial Wasted Electrons World Headquarters and ski clothes closet I don't get much posted.

Sorry 'bout that. I have actually been trying to squeeze in more posts from the job in between bouts of workload that are keeping me busy. But the connection drops off most of the time and then whatever I wrote really does become wasted electrons.

So let's see, BSU had a upper GI scope procedure this week and has a colonoscopy scheduled for next week. This week's test determined that she has some ulcers in her stomach and we expect biopsy results next week to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis of celiac disease. She has already started taking that over-advertised purple pill Nexium for the ulcers.

Celiac disease is an inability of the body to deal with gluten, an essential component of almost any grain. She hasn't started altering her diet yet, Thanksgiving is next week after all, but if the disease is confirmed it will require a gluten-free diet. That means no wheat so no flour, no gravies or any food that uses gluten as a thickener like most low fat salad dressings. It will be a huge lifestyle change but not insurmountable.

I even had a lengthy conversation with a guy at work who overheard me discussing this disease with my boss. Howard has celiac, was diagnosed more than a year ago, has been actively rooting gluten from his diet and is feeling much better than before he was diagnosed. One of the most intersting things Howard confirmed was that untreated celiac is a factor in depression and we all know how big an issue depression is at my house. He was being treated for depression with meds that became uneccessary after his celiac was under control. Wouldn't that be an added bonus?

Ski work at Powder Mountain is almost ready to begin, maybe next weekend. The resort has one lift running right now and expects to have everything open by next weekend- except perhaps the lift we always work. Its the lowest on the mountain and services mostly ungroomed slopes that need a couple extra feet of snow to cover up the rocks and stumps. So no skiing this weekend even though the temp has dropped way down into the teens and 20s.

The 4WD parts to repair the Tracker finally arrived yesterday and I really should be changing those today. Or fixing my gatepost that is being held to the corner of the house by only the RTV the previous owner caulked it up there with. But as I said, its cold out there today!

If you were waiting for the Pilgrim Children and turkey yard art to arrive in your mail box, you can stop waiting. I sent them to Renee as a housewarming present. She has successfully moved out of her too-small townhouse into a house with a yard and a big screened patio with room for her kitties and minature dog to play in. She's finally relaxed a bit after the stresses of selling and house hunting and mortgage applying and moving preparations and having her agent fired just one week before closing. But she's happy in the new place and she was pretty pleased and surprised when the package of yard art arrived during the big unboxing of all her worldly possesions day.

My grandma Manning turned 90 yesterday up in Alpena. There is an open house today for family and friends. It sure would be fun to be there again as we did in July. I did send her a card and I called for a nice visit last night. If you're a new visitor to WE you might be interested to know that last summer, Grandma had a birthday present request- a new bike! And we bought her a shiny new three-wheeler with chrome fenders and a basket, just as she wanted. Remember, I just said she turned 90 this weekend! And she is still helping my mom with getting dressed after mom's surgery earlier this month. Mom's doing pretty good getting around except for putting on her socks, and that's where Grandma has to help.

So, what else? There's guns out in the shop that need cleaning after a trip to the range yesterday. And I need to get out there and get the heaters cranked up so it will be tolerable to work out there. BSU has promised bisquits and gravy for breakfast today so I probably need to roust her to remind her before it gets too late.

And maybe I can get back in here later today for some other crankiness and curmudgeonly insight.
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Friday, November 21, 2003
Funniest. Web. Page. Ever. Go see it. And turn up your speakers.

Thanks to Jim at Snooze Button Dreams for finding this. It really made me laugh.
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New York City: 2nd Subway Surfer Dies
The second of two SUNY Maritime College students who slammed into a bridge while riding atop an elevated subway in the Bronx last week has died, officials said yesterday.

These two were young so perhaps they removed themselves from the gene pool before reproducing...
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Drat! 'Cat in the Hat' goes splat from The Salt Lake Tribune- Sean P. Means

But the Seuss sense of innocence, that kid's view of wonder,
Is totally missing -- that's the movie's big blunder.
Hmph. That was my guess from the previews too. And the overwhelming marketing blitz is just overwhelming dumbass- I saw CITH Pop Tarts just yesterday!

(Note to self: Ensure entire pot of coffee is consumed prior to posting to ensure fully engaged vocabulary.)
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
A bit of news on the personal improvement front- I've mailed off to get my Community College of the Air Force transcripts updated and forwarded off to Park University today. I discovered recently that three different CLEP exams that I passed while still in uniform never made it into my records. I'm planning on getting back into school after the first of the year and it would of course be nice to get credit for the rather puny efforts that I have already expended. So getting the records updated was worth the 40 bucks.

I'm going to work on getting a real education so that I can quit feeling like I'm faking it on this job. There really is much about logistics that I don't know and learning from scratch is not always the most expedient way to get things done. So I need to learn more to be better at my work. That and I've about maxed out my company's pay scale without a degree. And I'm always willing to work towards a pay raise...

Besides that, my company will reimburse me for passing grades and my GI Bill will pay me too, so I should be able to give myself a significant boost in the wallet just by taking a couple classes each term. I AM NOT sure how I will fit class time and homework and paper writing around blogging, real life, the BSU, work, skiing and range time for shooting. But I will fit it in somehow.

Updates as they occur.
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VCR Clock You knew this had to be on the internet, didn't you?

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Antispam software from Microsoft may crowd out rivals The Salt Lake Tribune --

During a speech Sunday at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates unveiled an add-on to the company's Exchange Server 2003 software called Intelligent Message Filter. It's expected to be available in the first half of 2004.

Exchange already offers some antispam protection, with support for some message filtering and block lists. The add-on goes a step further, offering a technology called SmartScreen that learns what is or isn't spam and applies the patterns to filter other messages.

Microsoft? Try to force out competition? Who would believe that?

Has anyone told the Nigerians yet?
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Monday, November 17, 2003
I've mentioned my Kel-Tec P3AT carry gun a number of times now and I'm getting lots of referrals from folks trying to learn more about it. So tonight I decided to share a bit more concerning this mouse gun.

First, here is a picture, next to my PDA, a Palm VII. The Palm is actually sitting in the P3's case. That's an Uncle Mike's #1 inside pocket holster at the top with a minor modification to make it carry the spare magazine. As you can see, the size and shape make this little beast easy to drop into a pocket and always have close. That's the reason I bought it- to keep close all the time.

I learned the modification tip for the holster over here at the Kel-Tec Owner's Group. They have a very active forum section and there is just a ton of very good information about all the Kel-Tec line of guns here. I've already learned some good stuff about my constant companion and I'll be checking in over there regularly.

The gun shoots straight, in case you are wondering. About a 2" group of 7 from a small rest at 15 feet, last time I took it out. But I don't expect to be using it from a rest when I need it, and just standing with a 2 hand hold, I'm not so good. I can get the bullets onto the target but not very well. The long trigger pull and rudimentary sights will take a little practice for me to be comfortable with my skills. It seems I was pulling down with the trigger pull and most of my shots seemed very low in comparison to where I thought I was pointing the gun.

So, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. And I will. $8.99 for 50 is certainly harder to swallow that the 550 rounds for $9.99 that I have been paying for my 22 ammo but that's why I get paid the big bucks I guess.

Which reminds me, before I quit, Its just two days to the kickoff of National Ammo Week! I've got a few bucks stashed away and 2 calibers to buy this week and I hope you will support it too. Click the link over on the left for more info about Kim & Mrs DuToit's efforts to raise our ammo awareness.
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Just once! Just one little time I mentioned something a little lewd and rude when I posted the camel toe haiku. And today I had a visitor from Yahoo doing a search for "camel toe."

And I was search item #197! Diligent sumbitch whoever it was!
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This post is why I read A Little Aardvark every day and why its a part of my blog list. I wish Wasted Electrons was as good as this. Its not, and I know it but I'm thinking and working at making it better.

So don't give up on me just yet and in the mean time go be entertained by Little A.
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Thursday, November 13, 2003
Well to the few folks that stopped by on my visitor map, could you resubmit your info please? I changed the map tonight and had to delete everyone's comments. Sorry 'bout that. I'd sure appreciate it if you would fill up my map again though, I kind of like it.

I'm grouchy tonight and cold and still snuffling from the head cold that is trying to take complete control. I must not succumb! But I also must crash on couch for a bit.
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Piercing Record Holder Fears Robbery This is just gross!

The Brazilian woman with the most body piercings in the world -- 1,903 -- fears returning to her crime-ridden home country as she would attract so much attention she could be robbed.

I think one stud in the side of a woman's nose is pretty nasty and anything more than a couple of holes for earrings is too many. But this woman is just nasty-nasty- nasty! Ugh!
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Hurrah! Hurrah! Son & heir Noah has been accepted into Job Corp! It has taken almost 9 weeks to get his application package processed and approved but the good news came through today. Right now his start date is up in the air due to his court date for his traffic violation last month, but he is going and he will be able to be home for the Christmas holidays!

He has a date with the District Attorney's office on 2 December after pleading not guilty last week. And that is the very day that Job Corp wants him to process in. He's already gone down to the courthouse to try to wrangle a new earlier date, but no deal. They won't fit him in early and apparently he can't just change his plea and pay the fine.

So, I guess he'll go in a week later in December. I dunno. Or maybe we will figure out some way to get through the scheduling block in the DA's office. But he has to have the situation resolved before entering Job Corp.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
How in the heck did I get listed #7 through a Google search for Kim duToit's now (in)famous Pussification essay? I hardly even mentioned it, actually only in passing in reference to the comment from Sgt Mom. And somehow I'm up there on the front page of a Google search. So many others, (heck, everybody with a blog) have weighted in with their approvals, critiques and/or fire and brimstone rebuttals of Kim's latest rant that this result really surprised me tonight.

And for the record, while I don't agree with everything Kim said in the Pussification essay, I do agree with him overall. White males are the last group that its ok to make jokes about on television, everyone else is off limits due to our sensitivity training... And men have both knowingly and unwittingly allowed it to happen. So I'm on Kim's side on this topic.

As if you didn't already know.

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Well then. Have been struggling with a lousy connection from on the job, too many users of a single dial-up modem I think. But it might be working right now so I'll try to get a post in.

First- pictures! From my front yard, the Thanksgiving yard art is on display. You've seen the Pilgrim children on their own already so here is a closeup of Mr Turkey and a picture of the entire scene. (Hopefully they will display properly, my crappy connection here prevents me from seeing them. I'll reload later this evening if they remain lost.) These have been great fun to paint and the 2nd edition of the kids is almost finished. The turkey will get painted later this week then both will be mailed off as a present. I'm not saying who is going to receive the present until later, to maintain the surprise. So, be watching your mailbox!

Second, skiing yesterday was fabulous! I had a very good time. The three of us were on the road on-time, were shorted only one of our meals from the helpful McJob driveup window person, the weather was blue skys and high clouds, the snow was soft and all around it was just a perfect first ski day of the year. We went to Brighton Ski Resort because its the only one open. And we quit early, before anybody got too tired and got hurt because of it. I haven't forgotten how but as usual I have forgotten how much energy and strength it takes! I've got some complaining muscles this morning...

Anyway, more later about other things. Like Terry, real life and the need to stay employed intrudes. So stop back and let me know how you like my yard art paintings!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Blogging will be light today while I go SKIING! Its Veterans Day and so no work. I've taken a few minutes to read some others writings this morning and reread Flander's Field. Now I'm waiting for buddy Brian to arrive in his recently purchased truck so he, Noah and I can head off to Brighton for a day of skiing. Brian's driving. That should make it interesting but he's got to show off his new truck and who can blame him. Read more about it over at Mental Revolutions.

And maybe I'll have some energy left to write when I get home tonight.
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Monday, November 10, 2003
Must. Fight. Apathy...
Or maybe is just the effects of Nyquil gel-caps intoxication during daylight hours. Either way my head is all fogged over today and my productivity has just about faded out completely.

And the internet connection at work is sucking badly lately, no doubt due to the high level of monitoring taking place. So I've been unable to load the pictures of my completed yard art that I have previously bragged about.

So I will have to load pictures and brag later. At home. If I can keep my eyes open a few more hours. And tomorrow WILL be a ski day even if I have to cough and sniffle all over anyone daring enough to ride a chairlift with me. So there!

More later folks.
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Friday, November 07, 2003
I changed my quote at the top of the page yesterday, with permission from the woman know here in the blogosphere as Sgt Mom. She left the quote as a comment over at Sgt Stryker's Daily Briefing in response to a lively discussion of Kim DuToit's essay on the Pussification of the Western Male. (The link might change shortly BTW, the response to folks trying to read Kim's essay crashed his provider's systems.) Sgt Mom is a regular contributor at SSDB, a retired USAF enlisted troop and a fine writer. She regularly writes about her former life in the AF and the challenges and joys of being a single mom living in and enjoying foreign countries.

I've also had the chance to share some email with Sgt Mom and how pleasant that has been. While our paths never crossed directly, we have discovered again how small the world really is. She was stationed here at Hill AFB and lived in Ogden, the town I know call home. Her regular jogging route took her past my buddy Brian's house.

SSDB has been a link on this humble blog since Day 1 and remains a "must read every day" for me. Sgt Mom is one of the reasons I visit and recommend it to you. Check it out.

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We Support Our Troops
Sit back, turn up your speakers, be prepared to be choked up.

Go find a vet, give them a handshake, a hug or a salute. Buy dinner for one or go visit one.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003
Pizza Delivery Drivers- Armed or not Armed

Thanks to Kevin at Smallest Minority for pointing this one out.
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List of sex 'surprises' a no-brainer
by Salt Lake Trib columnist Robert Kirby:

... According to John Bancroft, director of the prestigious/controversial Kinsey Institute, Americans have a lot to learn about sex. Furthermore, we need science -- not Oprah -- to help us figure it out.

I read the article thinking that even at my age it was possible to learn something about sex. However, I could only find nine bold-type "surprising" points, and none of them were the least bit surprising.
... So, from my own 40-plus years of sex research -- plus some stuff offered by people in the newsroom reading over my shoulder -- this is what I/we think of the latest Kinsey revelations.

Sexuality defines our lives: Duh. Any guy who ever got married and mortgaged (or even spent large on a date) just for the remote possibility of having sex could tell you that.

Women and men have different needs: Jeez, how much money and time did the Kinsey Institute spend figuring out this gem? The average American has this dilemma noodled through the first time they trade their lunch money for a playground kiss.

Help has been found for male dysfunction: Who hasn't seen the television commercials explaining that suicide or the clergy are no longer a man's only remedy for this problem. There are pills, surgery and even some gizmos. (Just ask Acidman)

Orientation isn't a choice: Any guy who ever went blind staring at Sandra Bullock (who would NOT be my first choice BTW) can tell you that the same reaction is impossible to achieve by staring at Harrison Ford. It only stands to reason that it works the same traveling in the opposite direction.

Taking medicine for illness can cause sexual problems: No kidding. It is impossible to become sexually aroused by a snoring partner whacked on cough syrup and covered in Vick's VapoRub. Can't argue with the facts!

e-mail at

There's more. I just posted my favorites.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Great Salt Lake: More than meets the nose from CNN

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- Famed western writer Wallace Stegner called it "a desert of water in a desert of salt and mud and rock" -- an apt description for Utah's dead sea.

Only brine shrimp, which are less than a half-inch long, some bacteria and algae can survive in its waters, which are three to five times saltier than the ocean. But everyone gets a whiff when stiff winds blow the lake's peculiar odor -- known affectionately as "lake stink" -- into the Salt Lake valley.

For adventurers who can look past their nose, this desert of water -- much like the desert playa it spreads across -- is desolately beautiful. It spreads across 1,200 square miles and is home to hundreds of bird species, three state parks and a piece of modern art, Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty."

... It is a terminal lake, with no outlet. Four rivers flow into the lake -- the Ogden, Weber, Jordan and Bear -- but nothing flows out.

This lack of outflow contributes to the lake's salinity. While the ocean is 3.5 percent salt, Great Salt Lake's southern area is 15 percent salt. The north end, where the saline concentration is enhanced because the area is cut off by a railroad causeway, is 27 percent salt, Gwynn said.

... At more than 28,000 acres, Antelope is the lake's largest island and home to Antelope Island State Park. The park contains the Fielding Garr Ranch House, the oldest continually inhabited Anglo home in the state.

The island's calling card, however, is the herd of roaming bison, which can be seen while driving slowly on the island's miles of paved roads.

About 600 bison along with mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope and coyote live on the island. Every fall the bison herd is rounded up to check on its health, and some bison are auctioned to meat producers to keep the herd manageable.

... "It's very much alive, it's very dynamic out there, it's ever-changing," Gwynn says. "One thing we as people have got to remember is you're not going to conquer Great Salt Lake."

There's more so I recommend reading it all. This is a very good story about one of my favorite places. If you have never seen it, its hard to imagine but it is truly a fascinating and intriguing place. Antelope Island's trails are a great place to hike and mountain bike and the horsie set use the trails heavily too. But go in the spring or fall because it does get mighty hot out there in the summer.

My next door neighbor was involved in the buffalo round-up just last weekend and ended up with a dislocated thumb when a cranky beast elected to not go down the plywood chute Roger was pushing them down.

Antelope Island's Buffalo Point is a surreal place to watch a sunset. Sitting up high, looking over the lake at the islands poking up through the cloud and mist and the perfectly flat water surface is a fantastic view as the sun goes down. If you ever get to visit, take the time to stay and see the sunset. Its like a Star Trek movie set in its "other worldliness" view.

So. I like the place and I'd be glad to be your travel guide if you come for a visit. Maybe we could even spot a badger as we did when Renee came to visit!
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Symantec Says No To Pro-Gun Sites from Slashdot. And noticed by a number of folks

..."To my surprise I found the every NRA site was blocked and was in the category 'weapons.' This even included the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action. Some sites that were not blocked were notable anti-gun rights sites such as The Brady Campaign, and Good Bye Guns. The only anti-gun rights site that was blocked that I could find was Hand Gun Control's web site."

I'm using Symantec's software on my computer at home, if this is true I may have to find another brand of anti-virus software. I'll also bet that this subject will get more attention in the coming days.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Nothing posted today but this and the one about early skiing. And this one's just a ramble of apology for not having anything witty or inciteful or newsworthy to share. Which- I ssuppose is the usual so perhaps I should just start with apologies every day...

Anyway. Son Noah had his first day in court today and I and the BSU went along for moral support. He bumped a girl in a crosswalk a few weeks ago, in front of the school, in the dark, driving my truck. He didn't hurt the girl, just apparently pulled the nose into the crosswalk about the same time she started across and she got knocked down. No injuries resulted, the girl just jumped up and headed across the street refusing even to stop and talk to Noah or to allow him to give her his name and contact info. So he came home.

Apparently who ever was in the next vehicle back saw the incident and called it in as a hit and run! The officer came to the house an hour later, Noah got a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. So Noah doesn't want to wreck his clean driving record and chose to go to court, plead not guilty and try to get a judge to see the circumstances from his point of view.

I don't know how that's going to work but he's now got another meeting to attend in December and possibly a trial date after that. All the while waiting and hoping Job Corp will call and say he's accepted. And to go into JC, he will have to resolve this legal wrangle first. We'll see.

I completely forgot to vote this afternoon! I intended to when the BSU took a nap but then I sat down at the computer, ate some left over pizza and wandered around trying to remember what I was supposed to do... Dang it!

Tried to call my mom but waited too late and she was tucked in for the night. I did talk to my aunt Marlene for a bit and got the latest on mom's condition. She is apparently doing ok but having a harder time than she expected. And tomorrow is the 3 hour return trip home which promises to be an adventure because there are two vehicles involved and supposedly two rest stops so that she doesn't sit too long. But she can't get n and out of the car by herself and Marlene's not able to help her completely either. Hence the two vehicles as Uncle Mike is heading home also and he can assist in getting Mom in and out.

So that's it today. I was too tired to care about painting my Thanksgiving Turkey yard art tonight. He is nearly finished and I'm pretty pleased so far. I ahve also located a suitable Tribal Influence child picture that would be suitable for the display if I can garner enough energy and time to try to get it painted too. Maybe, maybe not.

One last thing- I am in need of one of those helium inflated advertising dirigibles that every used car dealership seems to own. If you have one to share or could part with, I want it. I figure it should make a really dandy potato cannon target at about 100 yards distance and an equal amout of elevation!
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Early snow has ski resorts pushing up opening dates from the Salt Lake Tribune

A series of storms has created ideal early-season conditions at Utah's ski resorts, leading some to move up opening dates to capitalize on the abundant snow.

In Big Cottonwood Canyon, Brighton Resort received an estimated 56 inches of snow by late Monday, enough for the resort to open as soon as Thursday or Friday, spokesman Dan Malstrom said. He estimated the resort's base at about 3 feet at midmountain.

"Early-season snow like this is critical to our industry," Malstrom said. "It sends a strong message to people who may be planning vacations that they should come to Utah, that we'll have enough snow."

My foot rash is really starting to itch again! I think I may have to start treatments this weekend or certainly next Tuesday on Veterans Day...

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Monday, November 03, 2003
Punkin Chunkin records smashed
from the Delaware New Journal, Robin Brown

Distance records fell like flying gourds at the 18th annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin, where a Michigan team on Sunday took home the top trophy for a second year.

Second Amendment, an air cannon team from Howell, Mich., smashed the record of 4,109 feet set in 2000 by Joseph "Wolfman" Thomas of Milton, with a shot of 4,434.28 feet.

About 25,000 to 30,000 people attended the two-day festival in William and Betty Hurdle's cornfield near Millsboro, said Frank Shade of Lewes, president of the Punkin Chunkin Association. The event, in which competitors fashion various types of pumpkin-throwing machines, benefits St. Jude Children's Hospital and provides annual scholarships of more than $100,000.

Well then, the punkin chunkin is over for another year. I didn't see this on television at all this weekend but I am going to see it live some day. Its amazing that 25,000 folks think this is interesting enough to pay to watch. If you want to see some pictures of these awesome toys head over to this page of Punkin Chunkin photos.

And shouldn't the Axis of Weevil be building one of these for 2004?

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Sunday, November 02, 2003
Well then, Sunday night and a productive weekend is almost over. My mom had back surgery last week and the good news this afternoon is that she has been released from the hospital. The surgery to fix the damage was apparently a success and she should be rid of a debilitating pain once she gets healed up. Mom's staying in Traverse City at my cousin Tamie's place a couple more days before trying to ride in a car the 3 hours back to Alpena. She's being well looked after by her sister Marlene and my brother Mark and his wife Barb were there until just yesterday.

So I need to get some flowers ordered tomorrow for delivery. And a card, cause I'm a slacker and have failed to get one in the mail already...

Did I mention that it snowed? I did? Well then you're gonna hear about it again! What a weekend it was for weather! Our fall season has really reached into the 11th inning with gorgeous crisp, dry autumn days. My aspen trees haven't even begun shedding their gold leaves yet and by the weather guesser's report, we had gone 42 days without measurable precipitation. Until last Thursday. Thursday a front roared through bringing an entire day of snowfall. Which repeated itself Friday and Saturday. When I got up Saturday morning it looked like January outside, not the first of November. There were drifts in my driveway, snow blowing off the carport roof, and big fat flakes of snow filling the sky.

I took a couple of pictures just to show how wild the snow was on Frday night while waiting on the trick-or-treat spooks to arrive. Here's one and here is another. I also took a picture Saturday morning out my front window.

Hmm, typing 1 November in that paragraph above reminded me that my brother's Tim & Mark both have have birthdays, one was today, the other's is tomorrow. And I didn't call either of them. rats! I never really can keep straight which day is for which brother but for me if I get them a phone call on the right week I'm doing pretty good.

I did get the camper prepped for winter today, in between the snowstorms and the freezing weather of the previous two days. It was my plan all along to get it prepped this weekend, I got lucky that it cleared up today and made it possible. I was concerned because there was still water throughout the system that needed drained and if it had frozen there could have been troublesome and expensive repairs to make come spring. But fortunatly, no frozen pipes and the air compressor made blowing the lines dry an easy job. Made a trip to Harbor Freight for a new tarp to cover it, Noah and I got it tied down neatly and later my neighbor Leonard showed up and kindly moved his truck so I could move the camper into its winter storage spot behind the carport instead of in front.

My turkey yard art is about half painted and coming along nicely. Another night or two and he will be ready for display with the Pilgrim children. One of BSU's nieces who has some American Indian in her family reminded BSU that the Tribal Influence shouldn't be overlooked in my yard art display! Anybody got a cartoon Indian yard art pattern I can borrow?

What else? Bud Brian has traded his Jeep Cherokee for a 2002 Chevy pickup. I'll let him brag about it over at Mental Revolutions but I bought him a set of tie down straps as a present for his new truck. I've also located a front axle assembly for my Tracker at a price I'm willing and able to pay so I'll be changing that out in a couple weekends and that will make the 4 wheel drive functional again. From the looks of the early snow, we might be needing it!

One last thing, I've been to the shooting range with my new Kel-Tec and it works perfectly. I can't hit much, repeatedly with it yet but that's just the excuse I need to buy more ammo during National Ammo Day coming up later this month! Anyway, I have a new constant companion whenever I'm out of the house. (For any of you that remember that I work on a federal installation, I won't be taking it there. That would be wrong- wouldn't it)?
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The Canyons Resort Daily Cam Archive
Check out the picture for 31 October. Did I mention its been snowing here?

And I still have to get the water out of my camper! Today! Though its probably already froze up...

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Retail Alphabet Game

It's been noted as intriguing, addicting, and even a bit unnerving...

The Retail Alphabet GameTM is one part puzzle, one part self assessment, and a pinch of postmodern art.

I only got about 7 or 8 from the first edition... Give it a try!

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